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certification for event suppliers

Event suppliers too should implement strategies to encourage practices that reduce the spread of COVID-19 among staff and event attendees. Safe supplier certification makes your compliance visible to your customers, giving you a clear advantage over competition.
What is Safe2Attend™ Certification for Event Suppliers?

Safe2Attend™ Certification for Event Suppliers is a series of evidence-based assessments that help suppliers of physical events (e.g. audio-visual equipment rental companies, stage and lighting equipment providers, builders, etc.) mitigate health and safety concerns of event venues, organisers, sponsors and delegates by evidencing compliance of their of operational processes with risk-based hygiene control best practices.

Having a Safe2Attend™ Certification for your business comes with important advantages that set you apart from the competition.
Increase your preparedness

As part of your Certification application, you will conduct an internal review to gather evidence about your risk-based hygiene control practices. This will help improve and show to potential customers your level of preparedness against any COVID-related risks within your premises.

Use Safe2Attend™ Branding

Upon successfully completing your Safe2Attend™ Certification process, you will be entitled to use the Safe2Attend™ Branding across all points of contact with your existing and potential customers including your premises, website, business cards, brochures, branded wear, vehicles, etc.

Convey confidence

You will get ahead of the competition by conveying due diligence and confidence about the safety of your services to all existing and potential stakeholders including event venue operators, event planning and management companies, sponsors, and delegates of physical events.

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Ready to get ahead of the competition and grow your business?
Ready to get ahead of the competition and grow your business?