Ready! Get Certified! Go!

[LONDON, UK, March 2021] – With the introduction of the UK Government’s four-stage roadmap to cautiously ease lockdown restrictions, things are finally starting to look up for the business world. Supported by the extraordinary success of the UK’s vaccination programme and the increased protection offered by these vaccines, the Government is able to begin to ease restrictions in all areas across England.

While this is good news for all industries, it is certainly great news for the events industry. After all, it was in-person events like business conferences and summits, larger meetings, training seminars, trade shows and spectator events that were decimated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Exciting as it is to be on a course to put the lockdown behind us, we need to understand that going back to normal will take a lot of due diligence and hard work. To convey confidence to both sponsors and attendees, the venues, organisers and suppliers of in-person events will need to show that they have done everything to ensure the safety of their activities for the considerable future.

London-based company Safe2Attend specialises in solutions that help event  businesses and larger meeting organisers achieve that crucial goal. The Company offers two essential tools to help the events industry come out of the lockdown in a way that both increases the safety of events and gives businesses much needed independent credibility and competitive advantage.

The first of these tools is the Safe2Attend Standard, which is based on advice and best practices as defined by the events industry, by local, regional and national governments, and national and international organisations. The second tool is the Safe2Attend Certification, a comprehensive assessment and verification service which provides an effective framework for businesses to resume their operations while keeping the health and well-being of staff, attendees and others in the events industry very much in focus.

Through verified assurance, knowhow and due diligence, Safe2Attend can help event businesses show their readiness to sponsors, stakeholders, attendees and audiences – just as they have helped key industry players eager to make a successful comeback to the world of physical events.

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