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What rules does the Safe2Attend™ Standard set?

Safe2Attend™ Certification proves that best practices (and laws were applicable) in hygiene and virus control have been considered, documented, implemented and are being followed so that third party companies and attendees to events have confidence that well-being of individuals is being properly managed.

How do we become Safe2Attend™ Certified?

Gaining Certification may sound like a daunting process but it is far more straightforward than you might think – the Safe2Attend™ Certification Guide is a great source of help and advice. In brief, the Standard requires that that best practices and laws are documented, implemented and followed. Certification follows Assessments (by a Safe2Attend™ Accredited Assessor) of documented policies, processes and plans as well as evidence (such as notices, email, photographs) that have been uploaded to the Safe2Attend™ Portal.

What are our first steps in gaining Safe2Attend™ Certification?

Start the process by accessing the Safe2Attend™ Certification Standard and the Safe2Attend™ Certification Guide through this website. Once reviewed, Once reviewed you can start your Certification process here.

How long does it take to complete the Safe2Attend™ process and be awarded Certification?

On average it takes around 6 weeks to accumulate and upload documents and evidence to complete the assessments. A Safe2Attend™ Certification Guide is available that contains advice and document templates that will save time and effort.

For how long is Safe2Attend™ Certification valid?

Safe2Attend™ Standard Certification is valid for 12 months from the date certification is awarded. During this time, a Safe2Attend™ Accredited Assessor will conduct an audit to ensure on-going compliance.

Who are the Accredited Assessors?

Safe2Attend™ works in partnership with independent individuals and companies that are experienced working both in hospitality and with International Standards.  The Accredited Assessors have been thoroughly trained in what constitutes compliance with the Safe2Attend™ Standard and in how to conduct assessments and audits.  Safe2Attend™ will appoint an Accredited Assessor so that the Certification when awarded is most relevant based on your location and your business.

Will Safe2Attend™ help us during the Certification Process?

Your appointed Accredited Assessor will provide you with a Readiness Report following an initial review of uploaded documents and evidence. This will allow you to prepare fully for the Certification Assessment. Also, the Safe2Attend™ Certification Guide is a great source of help and advice. For larger organisations, Safe2Attend™ can help by sourcing an independent consultant to project manage an application at the Applicant’s expense.

Will we need to make many changes to achieve Safe2Attend™ Certification?

Probably not – most organisations are already following laws and best practices relating to hygiene and virus control. The process of Safe2Attend™ Certification is often simply documenting and providing evidence of this and maybe making small adjustments to what you’re already doing.

What does the Safe2Attend™ Standard say we do about Social Distancing?

The Standard says that you must have a policy on Social Distancing.  It does not say what that policy should be.  You may decide to comply with and implement measures as prescribed by an external organisation such as the WHO or a national health authority; your policy may be to implement your own measures (that are at least as stringent as a recognised body).

What does the Safe2Attend™ Standard say we do about use of Face Masks?

As above, the Standard says that you must have a policy on the use of Face Masks.  Your policy may reflect (as a minimum) the measures of, for example, the WHO or national governments.  They may be your own rules that support best practices in hygiene and virus control.

Will we need to appoint a Hygiene and Virus Control Manager?

Organisations aim to ensure and to demonstrate that the products or services they provide are fit for purpose this includes legal compliance and customer expectations. You won’t necessarily need to appoint a Hygiene and Virus Control Manager, however, you may wish to designate a representative or coordinator who will take responsibility in your organisation for achieving and managing  Certification.

How much will Safe2Attend™ Certification cost?

The cost of certification is inline with that of many 3rd party certifications around the world. Within the cost is included full and unlimited use of certified branding for the duration of the certification. Please contact us if you require further information or require “multiple” certifications.

Ready to get certified?
Ready to get certified?